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Magento Commerce

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Salient Features

Multiple Websites and Currency Support

Multiple Websites
  • Vendor can login and create products only for the website from which he/she has registered in case of “Per Website” mode.
  • In case of “Global Mode&rdquo, the vendor login to multiple websites and the products can also be created for multiple websites.
Currency Support
  • When different websites have different base currencies, then the vendor can create a product for multiple currency stores and transactions are done using Single Default Currency.

2-Step Mass Vendor Transactions

  • Step 1 - Add/Remove amount for payment” button, can be used to display all the orders of a particular vendor in the form of grid.
  • Step 2 - The orders can then be selected for which payment has to be done and then “Add selected Amount for payment” button should be used to add all the selected orders amount to the “Total Amount&rdquo

Advance Vendor Reports

  • Orders Report - It displays Total Sales, Net Earned, Total commission, Total products count according to date, month and year.
  • Products Report - This report can be filtered on the basis of date and displays total sales and sales count of each product.

Vendor Attributes and Group

  • When some common information has to be dragged out from the vendors, then vendor attributes and groups can be created by the website admin.
  • By providing the attribute code and the related information, the vendor attributes can be easily created and assigned to the vendors only.

Refund for Vendor Orders

  • If a customer cancels his/her order then the website admin can deduct the amount of that order from the vendors account, if payment has already been done, by using the “Refund” button on the "Manage Vendor Orders" page in the admin panel.

Specific Shop URL and SEO Management

  • Shop Url are used by vendors specifically to boost their sales.
  • CsMarketplace also includes SEO meta description, meta tags for vendors and SEF urls.

Vendor Dashboard

  • From Dashboard, Vendor can see their recent Orders, Total Earning, Pending Transfers, Product Approvals, Product Sales and Performance of Shop by Sales Analytic Graph, Country wise (Map) Sales Report.
  • All the vendor panels are responsive

Vendor Products Panel

  • Store Wise Product Editing is possible
  • Category and Product Creation Limit is also applicable
  • Store Wise Grouped Categories with Tree-Node structure is also provided

Instant Notification Mails and Customizable Mail Templates

  • Vendor will get notification mails for all the activities that are performed like account approval, placing order, cancelling order, etc.
  • The website admin can also customize Mail Templates from the templates being provided and also decide the sender of mails.

Advance Vendor Transactions

  • Admin and Vendor can view transactions with Beneficiary details, Transaction details and Associated Orders details.
  • Order wise and Vendor Wise Payments are also possible.

Fixed/Percent Commission Rates

  • Admin can choose to set commission rates either a fixed amount or percentage of Order amount.

Vendor Payment Methods

  • The active Payment Methods and its details can be decided by the vendor for All Vendor-Admin Transactions.

Advance Debugging System

  • CsMarketplace comes with advance debugging system, which will help the developers to resolve the issues, if any, through updates. Thus, making it robust.
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